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How to Make Andy Warhol Soup Cans!

Updated: Apr 4, 2020

Artists 8+ Can Make This Cool Art!

About the Artist: Andy Warhol

Andy Warhol is one of the most popular Pop Artists that you'll learn about with Art Classes for Kids. Andy Warhol was well known for taking things from popular culture and using them as inspiration in his artwork! You'll see in Andy Warhol's artwork there's a lot of repetition and interesting use of contrasting colors. Years after the release of the Andy Warhol artwork, Campbell's Soup actually made some limited-edition inspired soup cans! If you want to learn more about this artwork, you can check out MoMA Learning for more information.

What You'll Need

- One piece of white poster board, cut to 11" x 23"

- Two medium paper plates

- A ruler or t-square

- A pencil

- A black Sharpie

- Scissors

- Acrylic paints, lots of colors!

- Paintbrushes of different sizes

- Paper towels

- Water jar

- Recycled grocery bags (or something recycled to stuff the sculpture)

- Clear packing tape


- Print out lettering for the Campbell's Soup Can so you can trace if you don't want to freehand.

Step 1: Mark Your Soup Can

Divide the poster board in half. Using your pencil, measure 5 1/2" wide and make a line all the way across the poster board horizontally. This marks your background top and bottom.

Find your center. Then, mark your center by gently folding the poster board in half and finding the center of your soup can.

Step 2: Trace Lettering

Take the printout of the Tomato Soup Can that you have and scribble ALL over the back where the lettering is! Then line it up to your poster board: the background line should line up with your background line, and the circle crest should be right in the center. Then, tape your paper down to hold it in place and trace over the circle crest and the words "Tomato Soup." Optional: trace the fleur-de-lis on the bottom if you want extra detail. Add the line on the top and bottom of the can as well. Repeat the same process for the "Campbell's" logo at the top of the can.

Step 3: Paint Your Can!

Start painting with the top and bottom of your can. Using 2 medium paper plates, use any metallic paint you have to paint the plates for the top and bottom of your can. While that dries, let's get started painting the soup can!

Use any color you want to paint the top and bottom of the can. You can paint really lightly over the pencil you traced for the lettering, or you can paint around the lettering very carefully. Paint your crest and the lines on the top and bottom of the can as well.

For the lettering, use a smaller round tipped brush for the words "Tomato Soup." Feel free to get REALLY crazy with the colors! When painting the cursive "Campbell's" at the top, you can go slower with a smaller paintbrush to make sure it turns out the way you like. Optional: add dots above the bottom line to represent detail for the older style cans!

Step 4: Add Details to the Top and Bottom

While your can is drying, let's add some detail to the top and bottom of the can. Grab your paintbrush, pick a color, and you can either do a spiral or concentric circles (like a target) to add details to the lid and bottom.

Step 5: Wrap Can Into a Sculpture

Wrap your poster board around one of your plates using clear packing tape to start getting everything in place. Optional: if you need a parent's help with this part, that's okay! It can be tricky.

Once you have one side taped down, flip your sculpture upside down and start stuffing it with old grocery bags, tissue paper, crinkle paper, or whatever you have around the house that you can reuse for this project. You'll want your sculpture to have something inside so that it has some weight and can stand up on its own easily.

Then, when it's all stuffed, put the other end on and tape it in place. Voila! You're almost done!

Step 6: Tape The Entire Can

Make sure you cover the ENIRE can with packing tape! This will be the finishing touch to make sure that this sculpture looks really cool. Then, grab a black sharpie and go over the details, such as outlining the lettering and drawing your own crest inside the middle of the can.

The Final Product!

And Remember... Keep Making Cool Art!

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