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How to Make a Clay Bunny Sculpture Inspired by KAWS

Artists of Any Age Can Make This Cool Art!

A lot of artists have told us they love KAWS, so we decided to teach you how to do a springtime project inspired by his super cool commercial art!

About the Artist: KAWS

KAWS, whose real name is Brian Donnelly, is a super famous artist who you may have seen. He's a very famous street artist and started doing graffiti for a while. He's an American artist who went to college in New York and when he was there, he really wanted to make his art well-known. To make his art seen, he started doing graffiti on the buildings in New York. His graffiti was different than spray painting or tagging - he'd find art or a billboard and would paint his character on top of it. You can recognize his characters easily because they usually have X X eyes, and they have ears that are kind of like cross bones sticking out the sides.

The sculpture we're inspired by today was actually a sculpture KAWS did which was inspired by Bugs Bunny! If you're wondering why he was inspired by Bugs Bunny for his art, it was because before he was known as a contemporary artist, he was a commercial artist. Commercial artists are paid every day to go to work and do art. He had a super cool job doing backgrounds and animations for TV shows! He loved animated characters that you might love too: some of his favorites were Disney characters, Sesame Street characters, the Simpsons, Sonic and Nintendo characters, and others that he drew inspiration from. If you want to learn more about KAWS, you can check out his Instagram @KAWS.

What You'll Need

  • 2 colors of clay (or Model Magic clay), we suggest one color is white

  • Scissors, to help cut the clay

  • Toothpick for details

PRO TIP: did you know you can make your Model Magic any color you want? If you buy a packet of white clay, you can color it with any marker you want, knead it, and it will magically turn into the color of your marker! Pretty neat!

Step 1: Organize Your Clay