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You can grab supplies to fit any budget from Amazon and even have them delivered to you quickly if you're a Prime member! Check out our favorites here. 

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artilicious canvas panels.jpg

Canvas Panels

Canvas Panel Boards for Painting. Purchase your preferred size and save with this super value 24 pack.

Acrylic Paints for Kids.jpg

Acrylic Paints

This set includes all the colors you'll need for your paintings. Colors glide smoothly onto your canvas!

Arteza Watercolor Paints.jpg

Full Watercolor Set

Get everything you need to start making masterpieces with this convenient art kit of watercolor paints and refillable brush.

Watercolor Paper for Kids.jpg

Watercolor Paper

 This textured paper pad is perfect for watercolor, pencil, ink, and more. Pad measures 11 x 15 and includes 30 sheets. 

number 2 pencils.jpg

Number 2 Pencils

Classic number 2 pencils are perfect for drawing - plus, we love these erasers!

Prismacolor Colored Pencil.jpg

Colored Pencils

This Prismacolor set includes 36 different colors for your projects. These are super pigmented, so we love recommending them!

Neenah black paper.jpg

Black Paper

Sometimes we'll use black paper as a background for our drawing to really pop. This paper is great!

Oil Pastels for Kids.jpg

Oil Pastels

Oil pastels are a creative medium to use. This set is smooth and low-residue for neat and accurate works.

Model Magic Sculpting for Kids.jpg

Model Magic Variety

This Model Magic kit includes the colors you'll need like white, blue, yellow, green, red, black, orange, purple, & brown.

white foam board.jpg

White Foam Board

Foam board makes for a great base for any sculpture!

Scotch Glue Stick.jpg

Glue Sticks

If you prefer a glue stick that goes on your page clear and dries clear, these Scotch glue sticks are great for you.

clear tape.jpg

Clear Tape

Perfect for mounting art onto cardboard backing.

stretched canvas.jpg

Stretched Canvas

For larger paintings. These stretched canvases are great for acrylics and will last you for the semester (and then some!).

acrylic paints.jpg

Acrylic Paint Pots

If you're just getting started and want small amounts of lots of colors, this is a great set to try out!

Watercolors set of 16.jpg

Extra Watercolors

This watercolor set includes 16 colors for your paintings and a paintbrush. Mix and match your favorite colors!

Sharpie Fine and Ultra Fine Tip.jpg

Sharpie Set

These dual tip Sharpies are fine and ultra fine, perfect for your ink projects! Set includes 4 permanent markers.

ebony pencils.jpg

Ebony Pencils

Graphite pencils are darker, smoother, and blend. This is a great tool to build your drawings and depth.


White Cardstock

Sturdy white paper that makes for a great base for any amazing drawing!

Brown Paper for Drawing.jpg

Tan Paper

Sometimes, we'll use a tan/brown paper for a more rustic look in our drawings. This set is perfect!

Oil Pastel Set for Kids.jpg

Oil Pastels

This set includes 12 highly pigmented, water soluble oil pastels. These are the basic colors you'll need for projects.

black model magic.jpg

Black Model Magic

A 4 ounce pack of just black colored Model Magic clay, made by Crayola.

black foam board.jpg

Black Foam Board

Foam board makes for a great base for any sculpture! Sometimes we prefer a black board for our projects.

Scotch Blue Painters Tape.jpg

Masking Tape

Kim's tried and true favorite tape for creating edges on drawings, paintings, pastels, and more. Tacky but easy to take off.

Fiskars Kids Scissors.jpg


These scissors are perfect for little hands. Can be used for right handed or left handed artists. Pack of 3 scissors.

Paintbrushes for Kids Art Classes.jpg


This acrylic paintbrush set is great for lots of different styles and thickness of lines. You'll be set with this kit!

paint palettes.jpg

Paint Palettes

Keep paint organized and mix in the middle with these paint palettes. Easy to clean, too!

Prang Watercolors.jpg

Watercolor Basics

A basic watercolor set that includes your 8 top colors and a palette to mix. Includes a watercolor paintbrush.

crayola markers.jpg

Marker Set

All of the colors under the rainbow! These washable markers are a true staple in any artist's kit.

blending sticks.jpg

Blending Sticks

Take your drawings to the next level with blending sticks! Great for drawing, oil pastels, and more.

Colored Paper.jpg

Colored Paper

For projects where we'll need brightly colored paper as a background or accent, this is the perfect set.

Chalk Pastels for Kids.jpg

Chalk Pastels

Enjoy this set of highly pigmented chalk pastels. With 64 different colors, you'll feel inspired to keep creating!

aluminum wire.jpg

Aluminum Wire

Building sculptures with a wire "skeleton" is a great technique to help them last and stand on their own.

white model magic.jpg

White Model Magic

A 4 ounce pack of just white colored Model Magic clay, made by Crayola. Can be drawn on with marker!

cardboard backing.jpg

Cardboard Backing

Great for mounting your drawings! Plus you can cut these with an exacto knife to the exact size you need.

Packing Tape.jpg

Packing Tape

Sometimes we'll use clear shipping or packing tape on our projects to make sure they're super secure.



Wrap your art and preserve it for years to come. This cellophane roll will last you for dozens of projects!

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