Private Lessons

​Art Classes for Kids has been offering private lessons since 1990, it's actually how this company began. These special lessons are great for students who can't make it to one of our scheduled group classes, are not between the age restrictions of our group classes, or who just like the convenience of an instructor coming to their home. Artists as young as 5 years of age can take a private lesson, as well as elementary, middle school and even high school aged artists.​

These lessons are tailored to kids just starting out learning a variety of mediums to teens building portfolios for specialized art schools. 

In a Private Lesson, our instructors focus on challenging an artist's existing skills and taking them to a more advanced level, while introducing them to new techniques, materials and styles in fine art. Curriculum's are customized to build students skills and knowledge of art with their interests in mind. We customize a curriculum or area of focus where our art students will build confidence, see results and have a fun experience too!

We currently have a waiting list for openings in our private lessons. To get your name on our waiting list, simply read our policies below and email kim@artclassesforkids.com or call (702)678-6777​. We will start at the top of our list when an opening becomes available.



Private Lessons Policies

Please let your instructor know if there is something specific you want to work on, or if you would like a lesson plan created specifically for the artists needs.

Parents may drop off art student or stay during lesson at studio. We appreciate if parents refrain from bringing siblings that are not taking the lesson.  We do not have staff on site to entertain or watch children in our environment while their sibling is here for their lesson.


Arriving on time is appreciated as private lessons are scheduled every hour and need to start on time. If you're caught in traffic, please let us know you are currently on your way, by calling (702) 678-6777. If a student arrives late, their lesson will still end at its scheduled time. Prompt pick up time is also appreciated as instructors often have a lesson beginning when your lesson ends or have a lesson at another location and need to get to it on time.

Instructors that come to your home are expected to arrive at scheduled time or call if traffic complications arise. An instructor will wait 15 minutes maximum at your home if you are not there when scheduled. After 15 minutes, they will leave and you will be billed for that 1-hour lesson. If payment for the missed lesson is not paid by the time of your next scheduled lesson, your lesson time will be permanently given to the next person on our waiting list.


Private Lessons at ART CLASSES for Kids studio (Kim's Home Studio) are priced at the hourly rate of $50 per hour for one student. You may have up to 3 art students in this lesson (see prices below).

ACFK Staff $ / Kim B. $

1 STUDENT = $50/$60

2 STUDENTS = $70/$80

3 STUDENTS = $90/$100



Private Lessons at alternative locations i.e. your home, are priced at the hourly rate of $75 per hour for one student. You may have up to 3 students in the lesson (see prices below).

ACFK Staff $ / Kim B. $

1 STUDENT = $75/$90

2 STUDENTS = $100/$120

3 STUDENTS = $120/$150

Payment for the entire month of private lessons is due at the first lesson of the month. Because there is a waiting list for private lesson time slots, you must pay for complete month of private lessons even if you miss one. We no longer fill in missing time slots except with new permanent students. If payment is not paid by the lesson date, a $5.00 per lesson fee will be added to the payment due. Of course we realize that things happen and you might miss once in a while.... in these situations we suggest sending a sibling or friend to use your lesson time. This will keep you from having to forfeit your time slot.

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