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August 17, 2020

Virtual Art Classes for Kids

"Art instructor Kim Bavington with Art Classes For Kids talks about her online classes that are both fun and educational for kids."

MORE Fox5 News Las Vegas

June 16, 2020

Fun Virtual Summer Camps for Ages 4-10

"Everything you need to create the activities is delivered to your door in the art box and organized by activity with written (but visual) instructions and all the art materials needed."

Shari Stamps

June 14, 2020

When Coronavirus Puts a Pin in Your Kid's Summer Plans

"You can register your little Van Gogh for either the beginner or advanced class to receive Zoom access and a box filled with the necessary supplies to participate."

Kara Nelson

May 28, 2020

20 Virtual Summer Camps To Keep Every Kind Of Kid Busy

"There's no need to run to the craft store for summer art projects, because you can sign your little one up for a camp with Art Classes for Kids instead."

Ashley Ziegler

May 27, 2020

5 Summer Camp Alternatives for All Budgets

"If you’re trying to cut down on screen time, check out some options for activity boxes. One example is Art camp in a Box. They will send you all the supplies needed for your child to create art projects at home."

Kylee Hale

May 22, 2020

Creator Spotlight: Kim Bavington

"Bavington believes introducing kids to both the modern masters and progressive contemporary artists is what sets her classes apart from competitors who have come and gone over the years."

Erin Prather Stafford

May 12, 2020

A Local Art Teacher is Weaving a New Kind of Tapestry on the Web

"If anybody can make a new enterprise flourish during a global pandemic, it’s an artistic spirit such as Bavington."

C. Moon Reed

April 13, 2020

23 Small Business Pivots During COVID-19

"Once we’re allowed to do in-person classes again, we’re also thrilled to add this virtual setting to our offerings!"

Deborah Sweeney

September 1, 2017

Bav Babe

"It’s no surprise that this VEGASMAMA has had her tentacles in the Vegas Art Scene all her life.  Her prowess to offer art education to children has spanned generations of Las Vegans and her passion to bring creative learning and artistic interpretation, spatial intelligence and self-led expression is the backbone of her belief system."

Desiree Dawn Solis

September 1, 2011

Profile: Kim Bavington

"Her approach is modern — in more ways than one. Bavington’s method of teaching kids is true to the spirit of inventiveness and experimentation of modern art: Construction paper and crayons are not in her arsenal."

Kirsten Swenson

July 30, 2020

Camp Computer: 10 Engaging Virtual Summer Camps for Kids

"If kids can't go to camp this year, then camp can come to them. Offering entertaining and educational activities, [these] virtual summer camps provide an oasis of fun right at home."

American Express Essentials

June 16, 2020

20 Enriching Virtual Camps to Keep Your Kids Busy While You Work This Summer

"With beginner or advanced options, Art Camp in a Box offers a full art camp experience in the comfort of your own home."

Quinn Fish

June 4, 2020

These Virtual Summer Camps are Here for the Social Distancing Era

"You can register your little Van Gogh for either the beginner or advanced class to receive Zoom access and a box filled with the necessary supplies to participate."

Megan Schaltegger

May 28, 2020

Bringing Art Camp Into Your Home

"Jillian Lopez speaks with the owner of Art Camp in a Box, which is a fun way to keep the kids busy and get art supplies delivered right to your doorstep."

Jillian Lopez

May 26, 2020

9 Ways to Keep Yourself from Going Crazy at Home

“It’s important right now,” Bavington says. “Kids are at home and bored. I felt bad needing to cancel, so I just stream the lessons so they don’t miss it.”

Janna Karel

May 22, 2020

6 ideas for summer fun now that camp has been canceled

"This Las Vegas-based outfit signs up kids from all over the country to participate in one-of-a-kind art projects."

Matt Villano

May 7, 2020

Home Learning Resources, from Reading to Cooking to Crafts

"Vegas-based art teacher Kim Bavington and her 11-year-old daughter Lily give free YouTube tutorials with a side of contemporary art history."

C. Moon Reed

April 8, 2020

Easter and Passover are Still On - Virtually

"Art Classes for Kids hosted a virtual egg-painting class on Tuesday. [Head] to their Instagram feed for other spring and Easter artmaking ideas."

Cassandra Lane

March 16, 2016

Enjoy making art through single day, camp or private parties

"ART CLASSES FOR KIDS progressive programs have inspired thousands of kids and now are even nurturing the creative talents of their children."

Kimberly Bavington

July 1, 2020

Summer Fun

"Ten different projects with different mediums, all delivered right to your door. Plus daily Zoom classes followed by an online art show! Space still available for August."


June 16, 2020

The Ultimate Virtual Summer Camp Guide

50 online virtual summer camp options and advice for how to get your child engaged during summer.


June 3, 2020

The Best Virtual Summer Camps for Kids of All Ages

"Let your kiddo’s creativity shine with this genius virtual camp. Sign up and you’ll receive a box filled with all the art supplies and instructions needed to create 10 art projects at home."

Susie Foresman

May 27, 2020

50 Virtual Summer Camps for Kids

"The box includes ALL supplies you’ll need to complete TEN COOL PROJECTS and finish with an awesome Art Show at the end of the week!"

Michelle Hancock

May 25, 2020

Is Summer Camp Canceled This Year? The Answer Is Complicated

"Stuck in this unenviable position, summer camp managers have reached many different conclusions about whether to go forward with the 2020 summer season."

Lindsay E. Mack

May 21, 2020

22 Virtual Summer Camps to Keep the Kids Entertained (and You Sane) This Summer

"Get everything you need for 10 great art projects delivered to your door by Art Classes for Kids as part of their virtual summer camp, which starts at $175 per week."

Lisa Milbrand 

May 6, 2020

Art Camp in a Box: 10 Kids' Art Projects for Summer 2020

""With Social Distancing Curtailing Traditional Summer Activities, ART CAMP IN A BOX Provides Welcome Resource for Parents, Kids."

Erica Sandwall

March 17, 2020

Las Vegas art school streams lessons for kids during virus school closure

"A Las Vegas art school will stream classes for children as schools remain closed due to the ongoing coronavirus outbreak."

Matthew Seeman

July 30, 2015

Opportunities Abound for Kids in Clark County

“There are no grades or contests in my classes. My students learn by doing in a structured environment and through conversational learning which allows room for expression.”

Temple Kinyon


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