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How to Draw Jack Skellington!

Artists of Any Age Can Draw This!

SPOOKY SEASON IS COMING UP! So, we thought we'd do this AWESOME tutorial on How to Draw Jack Skellington, one of Tim Burton's most beloved characters from The Nightmare Before Christmas.

With Halloween coming up really soon, my student Brayden (featured in this video) suggested we learn to draw Jack Skellington. This iconic character created by Tim Burton, is the subject of this video, part of our "I Can Draw That!" series. It's an easy illustration for all ages and uses supplies that you will most likely have around your house.

Follow our easy steps and feel free to pause the video anytime you want to slow down or need to catch up.

Hope you have fun drawing with Brayden and me!


P.S., If you'd like to show us how your drawing came out, please post it on Instagram and tag it with @artclassesforkids!

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About the Artist: Tim Burton