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How To Make An Abstract Painting inspired by Piet Modrian

Artists of Any Age Can Make This Cool Art!

If you love geometry, lines, and cool colors, you'll have a great time with this painting! You may recognize Piet Mondrian's very famous painting that's done with primary colors and looks like boxes, but for this one, we felt inspired by another very famous painting style he made.

About the Artist: Piet Mondrian

Piet Mondrian is a French artist who lived from 1872-1944. He first became well-known from his landscape paintings of trees with lots of branches. Then, his style started evolving to be a little less detailed and more abstract. The trees go from having lots of bold colors to being more like a black and white painting with less detail. From there, his style turned more geometric with branches that look more horizontal and vertical, and were more simplified. Then, his style evolved to today's inspiration, which is more geometric. Finally, his style evolved to the very geometric style with primary colors you may recognize today! Mondrian's style became more rigid, simplified, and followed rules he set for himself. Art can change a lot over time!

What You'll Need

- Canvas

- Acrylic paints

- T Square or Ruler

- Pencil

- Skinny Paintbrushes

- Paper plate for your palette

- Water Jar

- Paper towels

Step 1: Draw Your Composition