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How to Paint Easter Eggs In The Style of Famous Artists

Artists of Any Age Can Make This Cool Art!

If you don't have dye or vinegar at home, you can still decorate super cool Easter eggs! Today we'll be showing you how to decorate your easter eggs just with some paint. We're going to go through and do eggs in the style of four different artists, so pick your favorite, or try all four!

What You'll Need

🥚 4 (or more!) Hard Boiled Eggs

🎨 Acrylic Paints

🖌 Small paintbrushes

✏️ Pencil

🖊 Sharpie

❕Paper Towels

💦 Water Jar

🧻 Toilet Paper or Paper Towel Core

Before we get started, we're going to cut the toilet paper roll (or paper towel roll) into little bases for our eggs. Cut them about an inch wide. This will be a good stand for your eggs to help keep them still while you paint, and it will also be a great display for your awesome eggs when they're finished!


About Piet Mondrian

Piet Mondrian was a Dutch painter who is very well known for his super-geometric paintings. His style is very abstract and only uses black, white, and primary colors (red, yellow, and blue). You can tell by this example that all of his paintings are squares and rectangles with black outlines. So, we're going to take this inspiration and use it for our egg!

Step 1: Draw Outlines on Your Egg

This step is a little easier with a Sharpie. Be sure to use your base that we cut out to help stabilize your egg, otherwise you MIGHT drop it like we did in our video! First, draw two horizontal lines all the way around your egg that divide the egg up into thirds. Then, draw one line all the way around the top of your egg.

Now you've got a few sections in your egg. Using your sharpie, break up each section into smaller squares and rectangles. Your egg will almost look like it's made up of legos!

Step 2: Paint In Your Squares!

Grabbing your smallest paintbrush and your paints, it's time to color in your egg. Mondrian only used primary colors, but you can use whatever colors you want to make your eggs your own! Starting with your lightest color, color in 5 shapes. In our example, we color our shapes yellow. Then, find your next color, and color in 4 shapes. In our example, we colored four shapes red. Finally, take your last color and paint in 2 shapes with your third color - for us, we used blue.

TA-DA! Now you've got a Mondrian style egg!


About Yayoi Kusama

Yayoi Kusama is a Japanese contemporary artist who works primarily in sculpture and installation, but she also makes paintings and even does other kinds of art in performance, film, fashion, poetry, fiction, and more. She uses super bold patterns in her sculptures. In the drawing we'll be doing today, we're using her inspiration with polka dots. If you're interested in seeing one of her big rooms you can check out this list of her live exhibits.

Have you heard of Yayoi Kusama's Infinity Rooms? They're huge installations that take up an ENTIRE room! When Yayoi Kusama's Infinity Room was at the Bellagio in Las Vegas, Lily did a Vlog of her visit that you might want to check out to see some more awesome Yayoi Kusama art.

Step 1: Paint Your Egg

Start with painting your entire egg a solid color. You can pick whatever color you want. Remember, Yayoi Kusama loves using bright, bold colors, so find one you like that really pops. Make sure your egg is completely dry before moving onto the next step. Use a blow dryer if you want to speed up how fast it dries!

Step 2: Add Your Dots

You can do black dots or any color that you want to add these polka dot details. You can do any polka dots you want, but if you want to make your egg Kusama style, this is our trick. First, let's outline our biggest circles. Starting at the top of the egg, draw a dime-sized circle. Then, under that, draw a slightly smaller circle. Under that one, draw a slightly smaller circle, until you get to the bottom of the egg!

Now, let's add a row of smaller circles down the other way. They can go down by size or you can leave them the same size.

Add a third row with even smaller circles. PRO TIP: use the other side of your paintbrush (the end!), dip it in your polka dot color, and use that to make smaller circles. You can go all around the egg if you want, or you can just to the top half!

PSST! If you love this style egg, check out some of our other projects inspired by Yayoi Kusama!


About Takashi Murakami

Takashi Murakami is a famous Japanese contemporary artist. You may have seen his work in collaborations with famous celebrities and brands like Kanye West, Louis Vuitton, Pharrell, Vogue, and more. He's known for his super fun characters, bright colors, and anime-like style. One thing you'll see a lot in his work is flowers that have big, bright smiles on their faces. Today we're going to show you how you can draw them, too, to decorate your Easter Eggs!

How to Draw the Takashi Murakami Style Flower

Follow the step by step directions we've provided t