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How to Paint Joan Miro Watercolor Painting!

Artists of Any Age Can Make This Cool Art!

About the Artist: Joan Miro

Joan Miró i Ferrà was a Spanish artist from Barcelona who lived from 1893 to 1983. He loved to paint, sculpt, and use ceramics to make his art. Joan Miro is best known for his surrealist art, which means that the art he made looked almost like if you were to paint a dream.

Sometimes when you have a dream, you remember some shapes, but not everything in perfect detail. That's sort of what this painting looks like. Many surrealist artists used their art to convey ideas and images to depict dream worlds. Joan Miro's art looks a little like a celestial scene, or a nighttime sky. In this watercolor, we're going to use his surrealist style to draw our own space-like dream world!

What You'll Need

- Watercolor paints

- Watercolor brushes

- Water Jar

- Watercolor paper

- Masking tape

- Sharpie

- Colored markers/colored Sharpies/colored pencils

First, let's use masking tape around the edges of our paper so that way, at the end of our project, we can take the tape off and our art will have a border, like a frame. Beautiful!

Step 1: Color Your Background