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How to Draw a Cezanne Still Life

Artists Any Age Can Make This Cool Art!

About the Artist: Paul Cezanne

Paul Cezanne was a famous French artist who lived from 1839-1906. He was a post-impressionist painter, which means he focused on color and personal expression. He's very well known for his still life paintings. A still life painting is a painting of something still (not moving), not a landscape, not a figure - its one subject in front of the artist that they're painting in that moment in time. Still life drawings are a great way to practice drawing without asking people to stay still, and also lets artists decide on the composition of the painting. Composition means deciding on where things go in their artwork!

What You'll Need

- Black paper

- Chalk pastels

OPTIONAL: Masking tape and fruit so you can design your own composition of your still life!

First, let's use masking tape around the edges of our paper so that way, at the end of our project, we can take the tape off and our art will have a border, like a frame. Beautiful!

Step 1: Make Your Composition

First, start with brown and draw your plate in the middle of your page - this will be the outline of the plate. Then, put another oval inside of it, which will be the rim of the plate. Now, let's draw the edge of the table and where it is in the background. Part of still life drawings is drawing what really is in front of you, so try to practice your perspective and draw what you can see!

Now, let's start drawing our fruit. Let's start outlining our fruit (in our example video, we only have apples, but you can use whatever fruit you want). Don't be afraid of overlapping shapes. Chalk pastels blend really well, so we'll be able to go over this later.