"If you are considering placing your children, child or grandchildren in this class, I highly suggest you do! I took my granddaughter this summer and oh what a blast she had! Her beautiful art work is nicely displayed in her room, with new bedding to match. Art is the back bone of education, without it, we've no dreamers who become scientist, engineers, or cure-er for the ill. This class is amazing, it ain't your mama's finger paints!"​

“Best money spent! Kim is amazing, and her program reflects that! We have been doing art camp since my oldest daughter was in kindergarten (now 15 - and my other daughters have followed). The experience and knowledge they gain is absolutely priceless. You will be utterly amazed at the pieces they bring home they have created in the likeness of the artists (and their techniques) they learn about. This is by far the best money I have ever spent on my children. I wholeheartedly recommend this program!”

“Nothing else compares, it is a wonderful art camp. Kids explore their talents with all types of mediums. From teacher to helpers everyone is so loving and patient bringing out the kids ideas into beautiful art. I strongly recommend sending your children to this camp where they will have lots of fun and learn amazing techniques. The instructor, Kim, is fun, loving, talented and extremely patient with the children.”​

“Best art camp in town. I sent all three of my children to this art camp. My experience has only been positive. Specifically for one of my daughters, who attended the camp from 5 years old through high school. All of her amazing projects still decorate our walls. Not only this, my daughter is now grown and pursuing a career in the arts and is continually inspired and referencing what she learned at camp. She is currently attending Parsons School of Design in NYC. The results of Art Classes for Kids have only been good and I would recommend it to any parent searching for an educational and fun summer camp."


Q: What is ART CLASSES for KIDS?

A: We are a privately owned company that brings Art Instruction into schools and homes all over the Las Vegas community.

A:  We are a privately owned company that brings Art Instruction into schools and homes in our Las Vegas community as well as at our Downtownstudio.

Q: Other than group classes, what other programs do you offer?
A:  We offer Private Lessons, Art Camps, Art Parties, Teacher Workshops, and even come to schools during the day to enhance their curriculum.

Q:  Do I have to Pre-Register?
A:  No.  You don't have to, but it is the only way you can take advantage of our discounts. During the summer, our largest discount is $40 off camp, and for our Saturday monthly morning class, parents can save up to $75 by signing up for a package of classes! More than 50% of our customers take advantage of our discounts.

Q:  Do you give sibling discounts?
A:  Unfortunately we do not. Although a large percentage of students attend with a sibling, we need to motivate our customers to sign up early so that we know how many will be attending allowing us to pre-order supplies in bulk, saving money that keeps our prices from soaring.  Also it allows us to estimate how many instructors will be needed and get a commitment from our top instructors months ahead of this seasonal employment.  We found that when we gave sibling discounts, most of those customers waited to sign up at the last minute since there was no need for them to sign up for an early discount.

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