We have something for every aspiring artist!

Group Art Classes

Kids love making art and we have group classes for kids ages 5 to 12.

Private Art Lessons

​Offering private lessons since 1990, it’s actually how this company began. These special lessons are great for students who can’t make it to one of our scheduled group classes, or who just like the convenience of an instructor coming to their home.

Art Parties

Art Parties can be created for children 5-14 years old, with projects specifically designed to entertain the age of the party host & their friends. At an Art Party, your guests will be leaving like geniuses and will take home works of art that they made themselves at your child's big event.

Art Camps

Enjoy the fine arts of drawing, painting and sculpting in an enthusiastic environment for kids 5-12 years and TEEN CAMP for kids age 10-15 years old. With the fundamentals each young artist will learn throughout the week, they will have the opportunity to produce numerous works of art which they will be able to present in an Art Show at the end of their final day of camp. With ART CLASSES for KIDS, anyone can learn to further develop their already existing natural creative talents, build confidence and have fun too!


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